No city worth its salt is in short of sophisticated bars, and SF is the epitome of this. Every popular trend – from Prohibition-style speakeasies to suits-and-ties drinks and tapas, can be found throughout the city. We’ve rounded up a list of five essential bars to visit for a great night out.

Bar Agricole

When you’re paying $20 a drink, you expect something good. Without a doubt, Bar Agricole doesn’t disappoint. The menu is predominantly on the classics, and thanks to homemade nibbles and fresh herbs plucked from the courtyard garden, everything tastes impeccable. They keep things simple and true to their flavors.


Are you a spirits connoisseur? Good news to you then, because ABV ingeniously sorts its menu based on liquor. It’s a small, moodily lit space, all the better for enjoying one of the three bartenders’ carefully crafted cocktails. Come hungry, too, since ABV serves up a mouth-watering pimento cheeseburger. We give it a solid 11/10.

Trick Dog

Trick Dog is known for reinventing itself, and not just because the bar is located in a former warehouse (which bar nowadays isn’t, anyway?). To exemplify this, the menu changes every six months. Past themes have included a nursery rhyme, a fictional airline, and the zodiac, so we’re not kidding when we say the folks here are creative.

15 Romolo

This hidden bar offers swanky, old-school vibes alongside a sophisticated list of cocktails. Sherry is the bar’s hero, so make sure you pick a drink where sherry is featured. If you’re feeling a little peckish, the small plates here complement the drinks like yin and yang.

Bourbon & Branch

If you’re in a “Sherlock Holmes” kind of mood, this is the place for you. This elaborate speakeasy features a secret password and tables hidden behind secret bookcases and fake walls. No photography is allowed, so focus instead on the puzzling (excuse the pun) drinks, which are intended to taste like nothing you’ve ever had before