Charles Dickens put his stamp on literature in just about every conceivable way. He is responsible for lovable characters, unforgettable scenes, and novels that will continue to be shared for as long as there are people left to read them.

For as big as his impact was on literature, his name is truly unextractable from its association with

From A Christmas Carol to his many other memorable holiday scenes, it is fair to say that few authors are more deeply associated with the season than he is.

The Bay Area celebrates Dicken’s relationship with Christmas each year with the annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair.

The fair takes you straight to Victorian London (conveniently located at the Cow Palace Exhibition Hall) where you can mingle with costumed guests and performers, visit pubs, shops, vendors, and even take in some classic dancing.

If you are a fan of great literature, or even just kitschy holiday fun, the Great Dickens Christmas Fair is a mandatory holiday stop.

This San Francisco Christmas fair goes from mid-November all the way to late December so you have plenty of time to stop on over.