In the Bay Area this New Years? Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you can’t bring in the new year with a nice celebration.

There are lots of New Years Eve parties in San Francisco. The only problem is that there might actually be too many.

You only get one shot at picking the right one, which puts a lot of pressure on the moment. How to decide which party is right for your needs?

We can help with that. Read on for a list of Bay Area New Year’s Eve celebrations.
Passport to the World

Can you say “open bar”? Ok. The phrase loses a little bit of its weight when you are talking about an event with ticket costs between $100-300.

Still, an open bar is always a good time. It’s a pricey event but there are a few things that might make the high ticket cost worthwhile.

For one thing, this is a charity event. A bunch of local non-profits pool together to host it, then split the proceeds.

Always nice to give around the holidays, right? The other nice thing is that, in its own way, this event really does take you around the world.

There are seven different rooms spread out over a 20,000 square foot space. Each of these rooms has its own unique cultural influence. These influences include music, decorations, drinks, and dances.

It’s a formal event, with a black tie dress code, but it makes for a nice, glitzy way to bring in the new year while still managing to do something good for someone else.

If you are looking for a formal event with lots of heart, you have found it in the Passport to the world celebration.

You won’t want to miss it.

Open Bar & Live Fireworks on the Embarcadero

At the Embarcadero, they see the promise of an open bar, and raise the stakes a little bit by supplying partygoers with a beautiful view of the New Year’s fire works show. The location overlooks the Bay Ridge and Ferry Building which provide a stunning backdrop to the show.

Fireworks and New Year’s Eve really do go hand in hand. If you want to participate in an explosive New Year’s Eve tradition, this is certainly an excellent way to do it.

Of course, like any good New Year’s Eve celebration in the Bay Area, there is more to the event than just fireworks and drinks.

There are also appetizers, dancing, and even top level bottle service for people looking for the VIP experience.
A Twater Tavern Masquerade Ball

For our last New Year’s Eve celebration in San Francisco we take a look at a masquerade ball.

In addition to featuring masked dancing (masks are supplied onsite, though you can bring your own if you wish) the celebration is characterized by fun music from the 80s and the 90s. If you are looking for a fun blast from the past as you prepare for the new year, this is one to think about.