Wondering where to eat in San Francisco for the holidays? We get it, you want the best meal that you can get, but how to find it when there are so many different options?

There is no reason to take a chance on getting a bad meal. We know the Bay Area restaurant scene (an acquaintance we took great delight in acquiring, I will have you know) and we are especially aware of where to go to get some delicious food.

Of course, what we know, we are more than happy to share (it’s the season of giving after all!).

That in mind, read on for a guide on where to eat in the Bay Area for the holidays!

1300 on Filmore

1300 on Filmore doesn’t quite look exactly like your standard Christmas fare. However, they do have lots of comfort food items that make for wonderful substitutions. No, you will not find turkey, but you will find prime rib, BBQ, shrimp and grits, seared scallops, and more.

It is the sort of menu that makes your mouth water just reading it.

Though not your standard San Francisco holiday restaurant, it does feature a menu that you would have a hard time beating.


Jane actually is not a full-blown restaurant. They make pastries and desserts. Really, really great pastries and desserts.

Whether you are looking for cookies, cakes, croissants, or even Christmas rolls, Jane is going to be your one-stop shop.

Yes, it is fun to bake around the holidays. Catering to this aspect of the feast may seem a little bit strange to you, but you should give it some thought. They are great at what they do, and their menu is broad enough to provide a diverse range of options.

Plainly put, Jane features baked goods at their very best.

The Cavalier

The Cavalier features a fixed menu this Christmas season. The venue has a rustic vibe to it that is almost reminiscent of a hunting lodge, or even a log cabin.

The nice thing is that, for a holiday meal, it is actually fairly affordable. At $85 a plate, it may not be as cheap as your usual dinners out, but given the circumstance, it is a pretty fair rate.

They are actually open all day, so you can decide between brunch or dinner. Reservations are not mandatory but if you want to make sure that you get a table, you should definitely think about getting one.

Magnia Tutti

Last, but not least, we have Magnia Tutti. This Italian restaurant features a big menu full of delicious pasta, as well as other dishes standard to the niche.

The seat from 5-10:30, which means that you have a wide window to get a table, but you are still going to want to get a reservation just to be safe.

Magnia Tutti also features a robust wine list that is full of holiday cheer. For the lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, this Bay Area holiday restaurant has what you need!