Planning a trip to the Bay Area? If so, you should really think about making some time to take in the sites.

Attractions in San Francisco are plentiful. There are some that you might know of, and others that might be strange to you. Regardless of whether you have seen them before or not, they all provide travelers with unique opportunities and experiences. Why not make some memories and pay a special visit to a few of them?

If you are not sure where to start, we can help with that. Read on for a guide to attractions in San Francisco that you might not know about!


Naturally, you have probably heard of Alcatraz island before. The infamous prison, home to some of recent history’s most infamous criminals, including Al Capone, and Whitey Bulger has been the stuff of legend for decades.

However, did you know that it is located in the Bay Area? Yep. Accessible only by ferry, this infamous attraction in the Bay Area is available for tours Thursday through Monday. If you do want to visit this site, just make sure to make your reservation long in advance.

Because the island can only be reached by ferry, booking is limited and gets filled very fast.

Golden State Park

If you are a nature lover, Golden State Park is a true must see. This beautiful Bay Area attraction is the third most visited park in the country, and for good reason!

From museums to flower conservatories, to a truly magnificent Japanese tea garden, the list of things to do in Golden State Park is nearly endless.

The best part? The majority of attractions there are free. Free fun is rare anywhere, but this is perhaps especially true of the Bay Area.

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk is a person, not an attraction. You probably already know this. Harvey Milk was a true pioneer for gay rights, back in a time where it was much harder to be openly gay in America.

The progress that we have seen in our society today is largely attributable to the work of Mr. Milk back in the seventies.

Unfortunately, you cannot visit Harvey himself. Mr. Milk was assassinated in 1978—becoming a martyr for a cause that was so dear to his heart.

However, there are plenty of places around the city of San Francisco—where he operated as an activist and a politician—that you can visit to experience the spirit of equality that he embodied.

The city is rich with Harvey Milk monuments and memorials. There is the Harvey Milk Plaza, where mourners gathered after his assassination. There is San Francisco City Hall, where he was assassinated.

There is also 575 Castro Street—the site of Mr. Milk’s small business, and campaign headquarters, which now serves as the location for the Human Rights Campaign Store.

There are guided tours that will take you to various locations relevant to the man’s life, but you are of course also free explore these sites on your own for a more personal experience.