California is full of superstars, and athletes and wealth that we all thought only belonged to Uncle Scrooge McDuck.

I used to think there would be more luxury options because of that. I was wrong. If some California properties were on the East Coast, they could be liable for using the word “luxury” in their advertisements.

Example: “What do you mean this is a luxury apartment, there’s no washer, no dryer and it was renovated in ‘85?”

Schmidt, Joe. “HELL of a Hotel.” Pinterest,

As a Result, I never know what to expect when seeing a new place. Beck’s Motor Lounge did not disappoint. The Curb appeal left me a little worried at the beginning. It looks like a beach motel, newer, nicer… but the layout is the same.

I was not at all impressed by the amenities or outdoor features. They have them, but I’m from Miami. Anything that depends on a cold neck… count me out. Lol. I chose this property for three reasons:

Area – The Castro neighborhood holds historical significance. Especially for a gay man, new to California. Situated in San Francisco’s Eureka Valley, “The Castro” is widely recognized as the oldest neighborhood for LGBTQ people in the US.

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Amenities – I don’t mean the pool here. I mean parking, clean rooms, upgraded facilities. Even though it looks like a motel, the inside looks like it’s seen some paint.

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Reviews – It has a solid score (8.5+) from the customers. It’s low-rated by the service, but the people who stay there consistently say that it’s good. So I’ll try it out.

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You may not always find the hotel labeled “The Best Value Hotel in San Francisco” but if you follow a similar strategy, I think you can find the best option for you.

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