The fine dining establishments of the Bay Area have been making waves in recent years, but the casual food scene should not be overlooked. Thanks to the diverse population of San Francisco, the city enjoys a wealth of culinary options, from Mexican to Korean to Nepali. If you can name it, you’ll most likely find it here. Here are some of our favorites:

Hot Sauce & Panko

You won’t want to wait until game day to dig into the chicken wings at Hot Sauce & Panko. Don’t be fooled by the name, you’re not limited to getting your wings with Buffalo sauce; choose from the wide variety of creative options available including lime and caramelized fish or chipotle and pesto-avocado crema.


Run by two James Beard-awarded pastry chefs, this tremendously popular bakery in the Mission District serves up some of the best pressed sandwiches in the city. Go for the classics like a pastrami or a croque-monsieur; the freshly baked bread is what makes the dish.

HRD Coffee Shop

The Korean-Mexican craze has taken root in the Bay Area, most notably in this South Park eatery serving kimchi burritos and bulgogi tacos. This interesting fusion works surprisingly well and is a must for people who like their food spicy. For under $10, you’ll get a massive portion fit for two, served with a friendly smile.

Bini’s Kitchen

Mount Everest expedition aspirations aside, why travel to Nepal when you can get a taste of the Himalayas in SF? Bini’s Kitchen is famous for its momos: dumplings served with a spicy tomato-cilantro sauce. We’re salivating just thinking about it. A Nepali curry chicken rice and momo combo is not only an unusual find in America, and at just $10 for the combo, you simply can’t miss this opportunity.

Devil’s Teeth Baking Company

This is the place to go for your classic breakfast sandwich, so think twice before going through that drive-through at McDonald’s. Bacon, egg, and cheese is the classic. If, however, you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also try the special, which includes avocado, pepper jack cheese, and lemon-garlic aioli.

Taqueria Cancún

You’ll find plenty of quick-and-easy Mexican joints in San Francisco, but Taqueria Cancún stands out for its bold flavors. There’s a reason why it’s always busy. Try one of their massive burritos, the al pastor. It is delectably sweet and sour and is our go-to choice when we need our burrito fix.

Saigon Sandwich

There’s no stellar service or stunning décor at this mom-and-pop restaurant, but at less than $4 for a hearty banh mi, there’s no going back. Grab one to go while you explore the charmingly gritty streets of the Tenderloin neighborhood.


Last but not the least, Eatsa encapsulates the high-tech and health-food trends of the Silicon Valley. This is the place where quinoa bowls are ordered on iPad screens and meals are picked up from self-service compartments by the customer—no human interaction necessary. Perfect for those days. This is the future of fast-casual dining.