Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe men (and women) in tights are more popular than ever before.

If you are a fan of comic books, and the heroes that make them so special you are in luck. Why? Because San Francisco has some of the best comic book stores in the country.

There aren’t many experiences that are more exciting than finding a super cool comic book store, right? That in mind, read on for a guide to the best San Francisco comic book stores.
The Comic Outpost

We will start with the Comic Outpost. This unique shop is a little bit out of the way, but it is well worth the excursion. The high ceilings make rook for lots of rare back issues that climb all the way up the high reaching walls.

There is also a massive stock of current books and loads of graphic novels.

The shop also places a big emphasis on classic fun. As you work your way through the store you will find a vintage arcade towards the back loaded with games that are a true blast from the past.

At the Comic Outpost, you come for the cool books and stay for the experience. What else could you ask for out of a comic book store in San Francisco?
Green Apple Books

Green Apple Books is one of the more famous comic book stores in San Francisco.

The store has earned a reputation for focusing almost exclusively on indie books. While you may be able to find some Batman if that is what suits your tastes, you will have even more luck with obscure books.

Indie comic fans are really going to love this because finding those smaller titles can be really hard.

The store also benefits from a charming, overstuffed atmosphere that establishes a true indie store vibe.
Two Cats Comic Book Store

The Two Cats Comic Book Store is definitely the youngest shop that we will be looking at today. They only opened in March, but have already established themselves as a friendly, comfortable little store that is perfect for browsing or for hanging out.

Space is small, but they make room for what counts. You get the best of both worlds Two Cats. A large portion of their limited space is allocated for indie books, but they also have popular titles as well.

No matter what you are looking for, it is likely that this exciting new shop will be able to supply it for you.

How could we not include Isotope on our list of the best comic book stores in San Francisco?

This shop actually has already won that honor from San Francisco weekly, which identified it as the best comic book store in San Francisco.

The store is stuffed with original artwork and features a large, knowledgeable staff that is always up for a chat.

They also host lots of after-hours events (sometimes even with drinks). If you are looking for a good store that will make for a great hangout, look no farther than Isotope.