123 Ready...Set...Grow Academy

123 Ready...Set...Grow Academy



An open, nurturing, learning based environment that supports each child's differing abilities. Activities are designed to stimulate their senses and natural curiosity, to expand on their language development and understanding, and to build their fine and gross motor skills.



      3 Nutritious meals and 2 snacks that meet or exceed the USDA guidelines for Child Nutrition,

      Parents Nite out, weekend and evening care available,

      Transportation to and from school,

      Homework assistance,

      Professionally developed preschool and K-readiness program,

      Large room full of developmentally appropriate 

         Large, fenced in, grassy, backyard,

      Monthly newsletters, Weekly lesson plans and or the learning objectives provided each week,

      Regular parent/provider communication,

      The option to pay tuition electronically,

      A caregiver who will love and respect your child while providing him/her with many opportunities to explore and learn about the world around him/her through hands-on activities.

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