26 Mix

26 Mix

Lo mejor del are de la mission

About 26MIX . . . . . .

26 Mix This is a place for those who like the well-worn comfort of a local bar and hangout, yet long for dance floor aspects of clubs. The concept is to provide a welcoming space where great music, dancing, conversation, and libations can be enjoyed simultaneously.

We call this concept a Sound Bar, a space that's somewhere between a large bar and a small nightclub. We are continually striving to better fill the niche left between the two genres. The combination of size, location and sound gives us the freedom to try new things, thus supporting the up and coming DJ as well as featuring the established. We're still growing and evolving along the twisty road called San Francisco Nightlife; it's an ever-changing adventure.

26MIX also features classic arcade games including: Area 51, PacMan, Galaga, Centapede a photo sticker booth and two pool tables.

Sometimes it's a steamy, packed DJ bar and sometimes it's a subdued lounge scene. Regardless, if you get there early enough on most any night, you can snag the circular booth by the window and get to know your date over a Mojito or a Marzen while the bartenders and the DJs set the lighting and music just right for the night.

- Excerpt from Get Your Drink On by Tracie Broom, SF Station

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