38 North

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Peter Scully is the founder of 38 NORTH, a nightlife promotions company with an unparalleled reputation for the best events in San Francisco. Pursued by the hottest clubs for his promoting talents, Peter is viewed as a tastemaker in San Francisco and in 2007 was named one of San Francisco's Top 5 promoters by 7x7 Magazine. 38 NORTH has built a loyal nightlife following and has a vast network of clients that host special events and private functions year-round. While the most legendary parties of the year thrown by 38 NORTH are Halloween and New Years Eve, other parties throughout the year are also a great place to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. Whether it is 300 or 2000 person parties, 38 NORTH always draws an elite crowd that knows they are in for an unforgettable night.