Aboriginal Reiki

Combination of Reiki healing, herbal massage, antioxidant diet and all natural products. Cleanse and de-stress your emotional as well as your physical body, making a calmer more relaxed, healthier, happier, more naturally beautiful you.

Weekly Reiki sessions help focus your conscious on your own healing and giving your aura a healthy glow.

Weekly herbal massage nourishes the skin and loosens knots in circulation, which lessens cellulite and tones the skin and lessens stress wrinkles

All natural products hand made with healing intent by the practitioner work on different levels from aromatherapy to aura therapy as well as skin therapy.

Healthy diet of delicious anti oxidant recipes detoxifies your fluid systems and balances your metabolism so your body naturally works towards your perfect weight.

Reinvent yourself naturally in 6 weeks.

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