Acme Chophouse

You'll definitely want to break out the Fernet after a glorious, over-the-top meal at Acme Chophouse, Chef Traci des Jardins' new steakhouse in Pac Bell Park. Since opening in Spring of 2002 in the huge, swanky space once occupied by Restaurant Twenty Four, Acme has been doing well serving its homestyle, super high-end menu of grass-fed, hormone-free steaks, chops and family style sides like to-die-for creamed spinach ($6) and macaroni and cheese ($8). The price point is top shelf, but so is the service, administered by industry vets comfortably sporting brown suede tool belts instead of aprons. Heavy glassware, stylish flatware and delicate stemware signify a real attention to finery in an environment that could easily have swayed toward the mass-market, masculine mentality of ballpark steakhouse dining.