Acupuncture Healthcare

My passion is preventative medicine (aka, health
care), so naturally my focus is educating patients about their bodies
and inspiring them to develop skills for assessing their own health. 
Mostly I like to take the fear out of  “being healthy” and “living a
balance life” by suggesting an experiment here and there.  So often we
put too much weight on being perfect or operating from an
all-or-nothing paradigm that leads to feelings of failure, frustration
and disconnection from our bodies (think dieting).  The outcome is a
hardening resistance to change and healing. 

The juiciness of
living returns when we begin to experiment with ourselves and enjoy the
process of seeing what engenders health in our bodies and our lives.   

Please check-out my website for more information and details about acupuncture.

Best of health!
Sarah Halverstadt, L.Ac.