Affordable Psychotherapy

WELCOME to a process of rich self-discovery; a relationship within which you will be supported, deeply understood, and genuinely respected. My job as your therapist is to use my clinical knowledge, sensitivity, intuition and wealth of personal experience to join you in your painful places, compassionately encourage and guide you on your path through them, and celebrate your successes as you grow. I sense carefully into your deeper truth; that which lies beneath the surface of your thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Without judgment, I'll use my understanding of you and your process to help harmonize your relationship to yourself. From this place of greater compassion and awareness, a relaxed confidence settles in, relationships deepen, and personal potential blossoms in ways you may find surprising. Peace and security are drawn inward, making them states that travel with you, wherever you may go.

With offices in San Francisco and Berkeley, I offer income-dependent sliding scale services for qualified individuals and couples.

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