Air Ambulance Stat Air International

STAT AIR INTERNATIONAL An air ambulance company that will focus on all the logistics of medical evacuation bedside to bedside, our dispatchers are readily available to assist you for critical care, BLS and medical escort needs.  Our number 1 priority is to provide safe and compassionate care during those difficult times, WE WILL RESPOND TO YOUR NEEDS! Provides Air Ambulance, Med-evac's, and medical repatriation worldwide. 24/7 travel Assistance & Medical Escorts on private and commercial flights.

Our expert dispatch team will work with the referring facility to provide ground transport, receive the necessary medical information to address the patient’s condition, provide a mobile ICU in a fully equipped fixed-wing plane, and transport the patient to the receiving facility.  Our flight registered nurse and/or Medical Director will work together with the patient’s medical team.  Family and loved ones will be provided with real-time updates on the patient’s status and any changes throughout the transport process.