ANJU -- Changed to CoCoBang

Anju Changed To Co Co Bang

Before heading into the heart of San Francisco's throbbing Theater
District or straight into the pulse of another downtown nightclub,
consider veering up Taylor St. for a visit to a slightly calmer,
cozier, stylish little tapas bar called Anju.

Anju is San Francisco's answer to the over-priced, over-crowded
culinary giants that dominate the city. Offering an original twist to
the ever popular tapas trend Anju fills a culinary gap. Delicately
tucked between hotels and hostels Anju's unassuming locale boasts an original menu worthy of any urban food or wine snob while presenting
itself as a very friendly, very cool place for passersby to stop in,
sit back, have a drink and enjoy the sleek ambiance.

Handsome dishes such as the atun rebozado (olive encrusted ahi tuna seared and served over pistachio puree) or the escalope de pescado
(caramelized scallops over mixed greens and mango sauce) are as
pleasing to the palate as they are to the eye.

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