Aroma Buena Catering Hispano World Cuisine

We are a quality San Francisco catering company serving you in the SF Bay Area.

We offer a wonderful, unique array of delicious, fresh, authentic, healthy fare for your events, occasions, and engagements.

Our diverse menu selections include a choice variety of Spanish, Iberian, and Latino influenced specialties from countries/regions such as Spain, South America including Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America, the Philippines, and Mexican locales such as Oaxaca and Yucatan.

In addition to our distinctive cuisine items, we also have a Classic assortment of other tasty offerings -- Traditional to California Local, for business and leisure.

From breakfast platters, box lunches, luncheons, and afternoon gatherings --
to appreciation dinners, festive parties, and milestone celebrations:
Our pleasure is to exceed your expectations!

When you need a caterer, we look forward to the opportunity to assist you.

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