I was born and raised in Los Angeles but now live and work in San Francisco.

Art is my passion; it is a way of showing what I believe is beautiful and fascinating.

Most of my work is non-representational due to my attraction to color, shape,

form and texture. The textured walls, graffiti, and posters of the urban streets

of San Francisco where I walk everyday have been a large influence on my

own painting style.

I start off walking around San Francisco taking pictures, and discovering new

surfaces that I later develop into artwork. I am able to play with composition

because I tend to zoom in and crop what I find most interesting in the pictures.

Once I have an idea I mak e a small study of the photograph, which will then be

used for the larger work.

The majority of my work is on canvas, and the sizes vary from medium size to

larger pieces. I enjoy working on larger mixed media paintings because they

allow me to take images of urban streets and enlarge them to the point of

abstraction. I strive to create richly textured surfaces using a variety of materials

such as oil paint, acrylic, pumice, joint compound, paper, liquin, galkyd and

spray paint. In this way, the urban textures are translated into the painting surfaces.

Ultimately, my passion is to communicate how one person’s trash is another

person’s treasure.

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