“ I paint from the inside out. I take an inner sensation or sensual quality and allow it out onto the canvas uncensored. I work until spontaneously something indescribable is there. When the painting is complete this feeling is evoked in the viewer and I have communicated something universal. I want the painting to expand out and embrace the viewer, bringing them into experience. I feel I have recently taken a quantum leap in my experience while painting. I can now directly represent my inner experience out onto the canvas. I’m no longer painting objects. I’m painting the essential energy from which they come. I’ve always known this essential energy and now I have a medium to express it. It’s very exciting. I never know when I start what it’s going to look like only what it feels like. All I know about how it will look is how I will use the space and how I will apply the paint...."michael buscemi come get charged with the energy