Astrologer Charles Vickers has a live radio show "Surfing Astrology" on KUSF 90.3 FM S.F.CA. Thurs. 10 -10:30 pm.broadcast live in S.F. Marin, Berkeley - East Bay. Been on air 8 years live. streaming live I also play music on air and give book reviews. live listener call - in free astrology readings on air. Astrologer 30 years professionally, interpreted over 30,000 horoscopes, drawn up horoscopes at dozens of parties. All kinds of horoscopes, natal, solar, transit- future, relocation, compatability, progression. you don't need a birthtime for a horoscope. 9 out of 10 planets are known by zodiac sign and 8 out of 10 known by degree for exact predictions just by birth month, number day and year. with the birthtime and location you'll know your rising/ascending sign and moon sign degree. every day is a new day astrologically , the 10 planets are never in the same place again. i'll find some good news for you! vegetarian 25 years. politically me 415/922-609