Blue Plum

Blue Plum features emerging local artists in a unique setting. Amongst modern kitchen cabinetry from Italy and Germany, these talented artists are exposed to architects and designers.

With its loft style architecture, Blue Plum is a perfect place for an artist to showcase their talent and vision.

As both an art gallery and design house, Blue Plum is a major resource for Northern Californian architects, designers, builders, and homeowners. Whether you are looking for art, paper countertops, slate furniture, stretch ceilings, or modern cabinetry....Blue Plum is both an inspirational and fun place to visit.

In its working design area, it showcases:
- Kitchen Cabinets - Aran, Culinablu, and Nickels
- Paper & Hemp Countertops - Richlite
- Quartz Countertops - Caesarstone
- Stone Sinks - Blanco