bodymind2000 Detox Divas- Jo Gentry CMT, CHT

Bodymind2000 Detox Divas Jo Gentry Cmt, Cht

I offer Massage therapy, Detox treatments and Infrared Sauna sessions in San Francisco. Trance work and  EFT are amazing therapeutic tools utilizing ancient meridian wisdom with modern energy psychology. breathwork and trance.  ThisIt allows you to reclaim your mental well being

Detoxing our whole system is imperative in creating a healthy, weight appropriate body  So many times, people lose weight, then gain it back because they have not detoxed their beliefs and negative messages echoing from  childhood.  By detoxing our bodies and minds, we relieve our system of old burdens, both mentally and physically.  This allows a new landscape to emerge, free of ancient weeds.

Body Therapy Sessions are an additional tool for detoxing.  I use the lymphmed machine for lymphatic drainage.  Please see video.  It encourages lymphatic stimulation so the body can better rid itself of toxins.

I also do a copper massage.  Copper stones and tools are heated and used on the body.  This is similar to various warm stone massages except that the properties of copper are utilized, which are purported to help with arthritis and other ailments.  See video

I offer castor oil packs and reflexology sessions.   This is a very stimulating and detoxifying treatment.  I offer rolling warm stone massage, honey massage (which is a powerful way to stimulate the lymphatic system and relax the body)

I offer infrared sauna sessions with any treatment. All my treatments are done on a biomat which warms the body with far infrared heat and infuses the system with negative ions.



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