Bootcamp360 was born in 2001 out of one person’s desire to finally stop riding the weight loss roller coaster. After many failed attempts at quick fixes and fad diets, Tamara realized that it was time for something new - something that worked! She created her own fitness program that combined tough love and common sense. It was an instant success with people across the country. Success evolved into the formation of Bootcamp360 Studios and Bootcamp360 Media, the only fitness organization of its kind. Shortly after inception, Bootcamp360 has a flagship studio in Denver, regiments in San Francisco, Media operations out of San Francisco, a nationally published book and recruits from coast to coast - San Francisco to Denver to New York to Toronto. Bootcamp360 regiments are opening up across the country and the fitness DVDs are not far behind. Plans for the near future include launching the much anticipated Jumpstart - Get Off Weight Loss Rollercoaster workshops in many major cities.