Brandy Ho's Hunan Food

Chinese. Brandy Ho’s is a San Francisco dining institution. This Chinese restaurant has garnered critical acclaim for its fresh, MSG-free approach to the peasant-style cuisine found in the Hunan region of China. The wide selection of vegetarian and meat-based dishes come to life with tongue-tingling spices, but they can be ordered mild for less brave palates.

Brandy Ho's Hunan Food has been serving San Francisco since 1980. Our main location is located in North Beach/Chinatown 217 Columbus Ave. New Castro Location (4068 18th street) is expecting to open in February 2007. In addition, we also do delivery from these two location to server our neighborhood area including home, business and hotels. Besides, we offer catering events as well.
The food at Brandy Ho's is prepared with only the freshest ingredients, using a minimum of oil and sugar. Absolutely no MSG, artificial chemicals or flavor enhancers are used. The cooking at Brandy Ho's is based on the peasant style found in the Hunan region of China. The distinctive dishes are authentically hot and spicy, using traditional Hunan spices and lots of garlic. Brandy Ho's offers a wide selection of tasty hot and spicy vegetarian dishes. To please every palate, any meat or vegetarian dish can be ordered as mild as you like, or not hot at all.