Butterfly Life Center @ One Market Plaza

Butterfly Life Center is the premier fitness & health club designed specifically for women. We are conveniently located on the ground floor at One Market Plaza and are family owned offering extremely personal service. Our team consists of a Chiropractic doctor with over 16 yrs of specializing in women's health, a personal trainer with over 25 yrs in fitness & martial art instruction, and a personal coach that specializes in dealing w/ emotional healing for working women.

With an emphasis on the motivation & psychology behind what it takes to maintain optimal health, we provide our members with a strong support network and the tools necessary to help women reach their goals. Our club's attitude, facilities and state-of-the-art equipment are each designed specifically for women with the desire to improve themselves over the course of time. Our programs are perfect for working women, and any woman looking for a supportive environment in which you can reach your ideal weight and health