Chad Miller, Real Estate Agent

Chad Miller, Real Estate Agent

Chad Miller is a prodigy of his generation and a standout among San Francisco’s newest Real Estate Agents. Chad made a name for himself in the industry before becoming an agent. Chad’s career started off as an office temp at Harsch Investment Properties in 2007. Chad immediate impression on Harsch  was so outstanding that they quickly bought him out of his temp agency contract and hired him to a full time position.

At Harsch, Chad discovered his passion for the Real Estate business and learned first hand from industry veterans whom he eagerly worked with everyday. Chad will be among the first in California to receive the new  Associate of Science in Real Estate. He is also the Social Media Liaison for the California Community College Real Estate Education Center, a recipient of the 2012 Real Estate Endowment Fund, a member of the BOMA Young Professionals organization, and is working towards his RPA designation.

When asked why he stands out among other agents Chad responded, “I’ve been independent since I was seventeen years old, and had to work very hard to get where I am today. While my friends went to home after class was over, I was changed for work. I was fortunate that my employers recognized my work ethic and gave me the opportunity to grow and diversify my skills. I’ve worked in the background of the Real Estate world for years and there are not many agents my age. It works to my advantage however. Situations often arise where other agents get complacent while I bring new ideas to help my clients get a better deal. It is because of this I feel I truly represent the future of this business.”

Better Homes & Gardens Mason-McDuffie is proud to support such a rising star in the industry.

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