Chef Stephanie Culinary Mistress

My culinary training is the sum total of direct experience in a variety of kitchens and restaurants over the last 24 years. I use only sustainable meats and fish available locally. I have extensive knowledge of vegan and vegetarian cuisine as well as a wide range of ethnic foods and fusions. I am also very adaptable to special needs and diets, including living foods, macrobiotic, etcetera.

With organic, local and seasonal ingredients the focus, I approach cooking with a balance of positive intention and playful ingenuity.

How we choose to eat and nourish ourselves is a very personal choice, and one that has the potential to affect the people around us and the entire planet. It is my pleasure to honor those choices by designing menus that reflect the intentions of each client.

I look forward to combining your ideas and imaginings with my inspired delectable organic cuisine to create an amazing culinary experience for all involved.