Chinese Historical Society of America

Chinese Historical Society Of America

CHSA is the oldest & largest organization in the country dedicated to the presentation of Chinese American history.

The Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) is one of the oldest and largest organizations dedicated to the study, documentation, and dissemination of Chinese American history.

Housed in the historic Julia Morgan Chinatown YWCA, the CHSA Museum and Learning Center includes exhibitions dedicated to the history, art and culture of Chinese America. The permanent exhibition, "The Chinese of America: Towards A More Perfect Union", displays photographs and artifacts relating to immigration, the Exclusion Era, and early and contemporary Chinese American communities.

The Stage Gallery and Philip P. Choy Gallery have rotating exhibitions of cultural and historical interest.

In addition, CHSA regularly offers public programs and activities which provide a public forum for authors, lecturers, activists and community members. Please visit CHSA's website for more information.

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