Chiropractic Plus Kay Stewart, D.C.

Dr. Stewart's, DC, treatment philosophy is based on the belief that muscles and bones are an integral part of the functioning whole. Therefore, Chiropractic Plus offers treatments involving muscle release, chiropractic adjustments, and exercise programs.

Dr. Kay Stewart, DC, has been providing chiropractic care in San Francisco since 1987. Her varied life history has provided her with a unique combination of skills and experiences that she can now draw on in her chiropractic practice.

Dr. Stewart, DC, is a qualified medical examiner for the State of California, for which she provides expert opinions in workers' compensation cases, and performs disability evaluations. Dr. Stewart, DC, also assists the City and County of San Francisco and several insurance carriers to evaluate accident cases. As part of her med-legal work, Dr. Stewart, DC, has made presentations on evaluating low-grade injuries and the value of medical examinations in jury trials before various law offices.