Christopher Tellez, Reiki Practitioner, MSW

Christopher Tellez, Reiki Practitioner, Msw

People are often drawn to Reiki because they want their brains to calm down, their bodies to be healthy and their spirits to feel alive. Reiki calms, balances, and restores the body and mind into a peaceful meditative place.  Reiki works with the energy we have and hold within our bodies.  Reiki shifts and unblocks energy so that we can move through what is troubling us and find our way into a place of calmness, health, and clear action.

Christopher Tellez is a second degree Reiki practitioner. He studied under Elaine J. Abrams of New York City and follows the traditional Usui Reiki teachings of Hawayo Takata. Christopher has an affinity for East Coast- West Coast living. He left New York City in 2010 after living there for seven years. He now resides and practices Reiki in San Francisco, California. In addition, he has worked in the social work profession for over a decade. He also holds a masters degree from Columbia University School of Social Work.  

Christopher's clients thus far have ranged from those experiencing trauma from loss of a loved one, those going through surgery, members of the LGBT community, ill children, those working on changing thought and belief patterns, people who struggle with mental health concerns,  and on occasion animals.  

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