Church of 8 Wheels - San Francisco's Roller Disco

Church Of 8 Wheels San Francisco's Roller Disco

The Church of 8 Wheels, that fellowship of people that celebrates life on wheels, 8 wheels in particular, is expanding their rolligious skating activities. Roller skating that has been happening here every Wednesday night is now expanding to four nights a week!!! These nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Tuesday nights are Gay/Rainbow Tuesday Night Skate. Wednesdays are Skate Rollgion – Wednesday Night Roller Disco. Thursday is Guest DJ Night and Saturday is the Black Rock Roller Disco Burn Night.

We love roller skating. Whether it be in Golden Gate Park, the Friday Night Skate or Burning Man, we form a bond with others who rejoice on a beautiful day with great people and family that make up our flock. We are a caring, sharing and giving community of people that loves life with wheels on their feet. Now that we have a building, we can bring in more people to join our rolling flock!!!

The roller disco services will begin at 7PM and end at 10PM. We end at 11PM on Thursday and Saturday. The cost is $10 to enter and $5 for skate rentals. David “D” Miles, the “GodFather of Skate” in San Francisco will be your MC/DJ minister spreading the word of the old school funk and roller disco music that is the main source of our rolligious energy.

We're going to have a funky good time!!!

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