City Winery - Napa

City Winery Napa

City Winery Napa is housed in the historic Napa Vally Opera House which opened in 1880. The Napa Valley Opera House was originally a popular site for shows, town meetings and balls. Jack London read from its stage, John Philip Sousa led his brass band there and John L. Lewis fought an exhibition match. Hurt by the decline of vaudeville, the Opera House closed in 1914 and remained dark for nearly a century.

City Winery has returned the 1880 theater to a flat floor as it was upon its opening. Downstairs, the largely underused space, which served as a reception area for theater patrons, has been redesigned as a restaurant and a bar that is open seven days a week. Dividers made of wine barrel slats separate the bar from the dining area.

City Winery hosts wine dinners and tastings, intimate music concerts, private events and full restaurant open seven days a week.

City Winery Napa partners with Napa Wineries to bring unique small lot wines to our taps. Offering over 30 wines on Tap the Tap Bar is the perfect place to taste multiple high end Napa Valley Wines including wines from some of the most famous names in the valley including Mondavi, Barrett, Hobbs, Finkelstein, and many more.

City Winery Napa is the perfect wine country location for your event. Offering many versatile spaces tucked in every corner of their historic space - from the main dinning room that is surrounded by wine staves and bottles, to the private dinning room with balcony overlooking the Napa River, to the 300 seat Margrit Mondavi Theater and concert hall with stage and built-in A/V. City Winery can really accommodate any size event from 15 to 500.

City Winery Napa's 300 seat concert hall is such an intimate space that you will re-think the way you experience live music. Surrounded by a Meyer sound system, the audience will have an acoustically excellent experience and the artists will enjoy themselves as well. With over 250 events in the concert hall each year featuring national artists like Graham Nash, Macy Gray, and Jeff Bridges, comedians like Lewis Black and Mike Birbiglia, and a variety of musical genres, all guests will enjoy their experience.

The menu embraces the change of seasons to offer fresh new dishes that focus on all the fresh fall fruit and vegetables the Harvest season has to offer in the Napa Valley. Executive Chef Joseph Panarello created the menu as a celebration of the tastes of the season.

“Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It signifies the coming together of family and the holidays ahead bringing warmth, comfort and love. I strive to create the perfect bite using salt, sweetness and texture, all toindulge your senses,” explains Panarello.

Visitors can also enjoy food and wine in the concert space which features world-class talent like Leon Russell, Macy Gray, and Robert Hunter. Wine, music, food - at City Winery the experience is complete.

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