Clary Sage Organics

Clary Sage Organics is committed to promoting the health of body, soul, and place by creating a revolutionary retail environment that combines organic and ecologically sustainable health and wellness products and apparel. Our store is leading the way in providing choices that are good for our customers and for our planet.

Turning our commitment into action, both our building and business practices have been designed to have minimal environmental impact. And we never compromise on our environmentally sustainable vision in order to lower costs, procure specialty items, or compete with non-green retailers.

Education is our main mission. Our emphasis is on enlightening our customers about the environmental impact of their consumer purchase decisions and empowering them to make smarter and safer choices. We strive to provide a relaxed and supportive atmosphere that will encourage customers to make these critical lifestyle changes — and in doing so, prove that a successful business can be a positive part of the environmental movement.