Cotton Basics

Yes, indeed, it is a clothing store, even though the old neon sign from the previous occupant says Castro Drugs and the floor tiles at the doors say Seymour's, it is a clothing store. Take note, nothing fancy, but that's the beauty. Just like the name says, it's just cotton basics, tops, skirts and pants (and some accessories). Ever have one of those shopping dilemmas where you are looking for something specific like a plain red tee shirt to go with that new skirt? And are outraged you can't find such a simple thing? They got them here. Nice ones too. Plain styles in straightforward colors that will complement your racier garments. A very nice red, scoop-necked tee goes for under $20. Great with a suit. I didn't notice what songs were playing but they were pleasant and un-intrusive like the folks on the staff. - Victoria Jane Joyce