Cris Consignment

Russian Hill. If you want expensive clothes on consignment, the best bet is to go straight to the source of expensive clothes, in San Francisco's case the closets of Russian Hill. Cris is a chic and trend-conscious source for fabulous clothes on consignment.

It's easy to ogle the window display at Cris and try to convince yourself your budget won't allow a trip inside. Ever wondered how columnist Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City affords her amazing wardrobe? (Besides the fact she's imaginary). If there's a New York version of Polk Street's Cris, you've got your answer. Offering the créme de la créme of consignment, Cris carries top tier labels from Marc Jacobs, Prada, Gucci and the rest of the high fashion heavyweights that clutter every stylist's list of must-haves. Fashionistas in search of the cutting edge can also scoop up finds from labels like Voyage and ChloŽ. Spread out across a two-room space, Cris stocks men's and women's clothing, and covers the spectrum of accessories.

- Excerpt from A Peek at Polk by Melissa Goldstein