Cukui Clothing and Art Gallery

Cukui Clothing And Art Gallery

Rooted and Grounded in Art & Culture

IN HAWAII, KUKUI is a Candlenut and the tree from which it grows is a symbol of enlightenment, protection and peace. The candlenut was considered to be the body form of Kamapua’a, the pig god. IN MEXICAN-AMERICAN culture, “EL CUCUY” is known as the boogeyman that eats children who misbehave when they are told to go to bed.

IN THE BAY AREA, Cukui is rooted from a melting pot of chicanos, south pacific islanders, tattoo artists, and graffiti heads. Cukui is driven by art and limited edition designs and excusive releases. CUKUI started as a small collaboration between amigos Orly Locquiao, and Sammy Rodriguez. Since its inception, Cukui become recognized as a new genre in art and streetwear.