Dana Leslie Organics

When you're in the mood for some quality TLC and self-pampering -- some solid "me" time -- you have several options for beautification: self-administration of treatments ranging from economical drugstore finds to pricey potions and concoctions, or visiting a salon or spa to be pampered by the experts. The second option does not have to default to forfeiture of the privacy and inner reflection of "me time", as you will find at [b]Dana Leslie Organics[/b].

Located within a holistic health care center in the Inner Richmond, Dana Leslie Sanchez's mind and body sanctuary is easy to miss; there are no clear markings to announce that you have arrived at Dana Leslie Organics, so have your eyes peeled for 399 Arguello. Upon ascending the stairs and getting past the lobby, you'll enter a light-filled room with a super comfortable looking recliner bed situated in the center. This is where the treatments take place. -- Jialin Luh