Dani Williams

    San Francisco and Bay Area Criminal Lawyer sworn at and in State and Federal Courts, 30 Years of Excellence specializing in raising underdogs to the top and winning lost causes, including all serious felonies and misdemeanors, from Murder to DUIs to 3 Strikes/ Never a Prosecutor(I could never risk punishing innocent people)/ Reasonable fees from the rich to serve the poor/ Likes alleged conspirators, political prisoners, freedom fighters, dissidents, anarchists, hookers, crooks and thieves. Down and Dirty is OK too/ Cowards,Home Invaders,Drive-Bys, and Cops need not apply/ All others are welcome to chat.
   Criminal Defense Lawyers, never tainted by working as a Prosecutor, are the First Defense against our Government, of American Freedoms for us all. Why hire an attorney when you need a real lawyer? Let's go.