Dave Cogan Holt, Cmt

I truly wish to assist you in improving your health and happiness. I have developed a technique using healing modalities from the realms of body, mind and spirit to ensure a complete and holistic remedy. Each session is individualized to what you need or want. Your session may involve more massage, and less hypnotherapy; or only massage and energy work (see www.quantumtouch.com). I spend time with clients to find out what they need and want. You may also request a certain modality alone. If desired or needed I can offer a session that is only massage, energy work or hypnotherapy. I can assist you in the healing of chronic pain, injury, illness or emotional issues. This can often be quite permanent and fast. (See “testimonials” page on my website). The technique involves massage (body), mind (hypnotherapy), and spirit (Quantum-Touch® and Reiki) all blended into one session. I truly believe there is nothing that cannot be healed if you have the desire to do so.