DEFREZ® is an artistic collective that also makes fresh clothing, music and art. The company is known for packaging its T-Shirts in Custom Limited-Edition Vinyl Record Sleeves!™

DEFREZ® is always forward in fashion and advanced in art. From street schooling to proper education, designer FREZ! maintains the balance between functionality and freshness. Drawing inspiration from the growing line-up of artists associated with DEFREZ®, guarantees appeal from the likes of rock-n-roll hipsters to hip-hop rockers. Deeply rooted in artistic expression, those that wear DEFREZ® are music lovers, painters, progressive thinkers, dancers and day-dreamers.

DEFREZ® clothing is unique - blending extensive treatments, such as 10+ colour designs, hand embroidery, flocking, discharge, oversized labels, splatter paint, dye & wash processes and more. It is the meeting of high-end quality and fresh style...and supports art through fashion.