DJ ARTS ACADEMY (dj lessons, dj classes)

Dj Arts Academy (Dj Lessons, Dj Classes)

DJ Lessons for you! Learn how to DJ as a hobby or career at the DJ Arts Academy of San Francisco and South San Francisco. Call us now for your free 30-minute Introductory Session, and receive $10 off any package if you attend a free intro session. DJ Lessons, DJ Classes, and DJ teachers are provided daily at our DJ school. Our DJ lessons provide a platform for adults, teens, and children to learn how to DJ as a hobby and also learn how to make a career as a DJ. The DJ lessons are taught by industry professionals, who have over 15 years of experience in the DJ industry. All of the DJ classes use hands on training, take advantage of state of the art equipment, and use structured curriculum to meet the goals of every student. We have been helping students learn how to DJ for over ten years, and offer dj lessons using Serato Scratch Live, CD's, and Records. Please check our website for more information. Thanks! Our DJ classes prepare students for real life situations at gigs. The DJ lessons teach how to mix, beat match, and scratch as well as troubleshoot and diagnose a variety of equipment issues.

Contact us NOW to schedule your free Introductory session and get more details on what we are all about!

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