DJ Arts Academy (DJ Lessons, DJ Classes)

Dj Arts Academy (Dj Lessons, Dj Classes)

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We offer the best DJ lessons in the San Francisco. ??We teach you how to mix and precisely scratch on turntables. ??After learning how to DJ using turntables, DJ classes for CDs and Serato becomes easier to learn. ??Our students walk away with a well rounded education after a DJ lesson, and they are taught more than just how to push buttons. ??They are guided to create their own style of DJ'ing in our dj classes by our experienced staff.

If you are enrolled in one of our DJ lessons or DJ classes, we offer free practice times to use our equipment during the week. ??If you complete our Platinum package we also offer chances to perform live at venues throughout San Francisco.

Contact us now to sign-up for your FREE 30 minute introductory session!

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