Dj Kung Fu Chris

Kung Fu Chris is a San Francisco based DJ/ musician noted for spinning a wide variety of styles.  Over the years KFC has presented such notable parties as Fo' Sho! Fridays, Sabado Soul, Paint The White House Black, Full-Step Wednesdays & Trouble Shooting, as well events co-hosted with DJ MAKossa including the legendary Funky Rewind series which highlighted some of the most well respected and interesting DJ's in Bay Area & beyond! Each of these parties explore the dynamics of different genres of music ranging from funk to soul, hip-hop to dancehall, DC Go-Go to boogie, future funk to dubstep and how these musical styles combine and intertwine. 


Along the way Chris has been fortunate to work alongside such talented artists as....



King Most

Guillermo (Sweater Funk)

B-Cause (4OneFunk)

Teeko (4OneFunk)

DJ Quickie Mart 

DJ Expo (Root Down)

Toph One (Red Wine/XLR8R)

E Da Boss (Om Records/Slept On)

M3 (Green Gorilla Lounge)

Aspect McCarthy (Jazz Mafia)

Deejay Om (Heardrums/ Galapagos 4)

Senor Oz & Pleasuremaker (Afrolicious)

Dragon Smoke (Nola)