Dj4 Life Academy

DJ4LIFE Academy classes and lessons are for those interested to learn DJing as career or hobby.

*International DJ expert
*Three different level classes
*Tranquil learning environment

For over five years, international DJ Tall Sasha has been showing off his skills in high-energy dance clubs and classroom. At DJ4LIfe, Sasha will teach you from the most basic keys to establishing a music collection and a distinctive sound to elementary record or CD-spinning and the complex skills of scratching, hot mixing, and beat matching. Sasha also instructs the inimitable art of creating an evening of sound that is perfectly timed, balanced, and unforgettable.

Classes are private and held in a beautiful interior SOMA loft space designed by WenStudio Architects that features a huge ceiling, a custom DJ booth as center piece and aura of tranquility with its minimal Zen-theme design and colors.

The students that reach level 3, get to perform LIVE!