Dj4 Life San Francisco Dj Agency

Apply for DJ4LIFE Agency and Talent Roster:

DJs are not "born" they are "made", and with strong marketing support, contacts worldwide,
your career in Music industry can take off much faster. (i.e. more gigs)- Tall Sasha, Oct 2008

Having your own agent representing you in music industry in dealing with clubs/ promoters/
productions is prestigious in DJ world, almost every reputable DJ has an agent/agency.
DJ4LIFE Agency and Talent Management - San Francisco has vast experience, reputation
locally and Int'l (DJ4Life Asia Tour) and works closely with clubbing brands like supperclub (Rome, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Singapore, San Francisco, and soon in LA), Ministry of Sound, Rox Club /babyface in Beijing, China, etc.

We know what promoters want in order to book you, and how to convince them that you are
the right person for the gig.

For selected DJ's of DJ4LIFE Agency and Talent Management, you will get:

: to play at special agency only events (different then academy events)
: an outstanding personal PAGE in flash
: an email
: DJ4LIFE write up / references why clubs should look into booking you.
: to feature a song of your choice on annual compilation DJ4L CD series and one dj will mix the whole cd
: to affiliate yourself on flyers with DJ4LIFE Talent Agency
: an exposure to hundreds of clubs/promoters worldwide in DJ4L newsletter and strategic banner placements which can result in immediate bookings worldwide

DJ4LIFe will market you to clubs/promoters around the USA and worldwide to its newly acquired database of industry contacts in cities like: Miami, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Int'l in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and more.

In order to be selected, application form must be completed, the agency will open doors to all qualified DJ's, even non-dj4l academy prospects so competition will be more tough and it's no guarantee that everyone will be selected. We are looking at small number on our roster so please understand that the decision will be based on who will be the best fit for an agency based on accomplishment, talent, music, events that you promote/perform and ability to help out with expanding the talent agency brand. (win-win model)