Donovo Home

There can never be enough boutiques to fill our wardrobe desires. So needless to say, our eyes and wanting closets perked up to the opening of De Novo. This teeny-tiny boutique is an answer to the yearning for something feminine, a touch frilly, and a dash of sexy. This pint-sized shop offers fashion fiends beautiful options, from young and yet-to-be known Los Angeles, New York, and Europe designers. Your wallet will certainly like the costs, as De Novo offers a smidgeon of the price from traditional designers.

You can't help but think that everything old is new again. Walk into the store and you'll find it filled with vintage French designs. Blasts from the past include Midi's pleated chiffon skirts which match perfectly with the lace button up blousons by Hazel, bringing you back to the 50's. Smart Chanel-esque embroidered jackets, sans the gold accents, from Italian designer Atos Lombardini are very tempting. -- Gloria Tai