Dorothy Boerste, Mft

Dorothy Boerste is a licensed psychotherapist and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco. She graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. She studied the treatment of sexual abuse and sexually reactive children at Children’s Institute International in Los Angeles, under the direction of Kee MacFarland.

Dorothy Boerste helps survivors of abuse who are struggling with life issues. This includes: relationships, career difficulties, depression, anger and low self-esteem that can impede the happiness and fulfillment each person deserves in life.

Dorothy Boerste believes in each individuals’ personal growth, healing andchange. She has worked with many people who wish to enter therapy as a self-actualization process on a journey to a deeper understanding of self, which also leads to a greater awareness of others. She works with teens and adults and families individually as well as facilitating Adult Survivors of Child Abuse groups.

Dorothy Boerste was a Child Welfare Worker in New York City investigating allegations of child abuse, crisis intervention and providing case management for these families, as well as providing court testimony. She is also an Expert Witness for both Family & Criminal Court in San Francisco.