Doug Ferrari Writing Services

I write acts for professional and new comics. I charge a retainer based on price per joke and bit only, not time. My prices are on a sliding scale depending on where you are in the
comedy world: headliner, middle, emcee, or just starting out.

Having a writer work with you on an act could save you years of struggling in the business. I help all my clients get work, I book them at my gigs, I book them at any showcases I am running, and do everything I can to help them make money. My motto is "Stage Time Is Money".

I have written for Rodney Dangerfield, Jay Leno, Bobby Slayton, Will Durst, Dana Carvey, and over 60 other comedians who have done my material on everything from "The Tonight Show" to HBO. I have also sold sketches to many national TV comedy shows. You can see samples of my writing on my web site.