Dr. Stephen Trichter, Psy.D.

Although simple, reaching out for help is one of the most difficult things one can do. Your finding the courage that brought you this far marks the beginning of making the changes you seek to living a more fulfilling life. Whether you seek relief from painful confusion, sadness or worry, or, are just looking for more meaningful life experiences and relationships, I welcome you to the onset one of the most meaningful journeys you will ever embark upon. Amongst many other skills, I work primarily with adolescents, adults and couples who are facing depression, anxiety, addiction and relationship challenges.
If you think we would be a good match, I would be honored to support your in your journey towards healing. Through our work together, we will examine and dismantle old patterns that hold you back from being open, wise, relaxed and spontaneous in your work, play and love.

I will work with you in a collaborative, trusting, and respectful therapeutic relationship so that you will learn to find healing and embrace life with greater awareness, moving towards a more fulfilling experience with yourself and your loved ones.